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At Lumber Specialists Inc., we provide production analysis of your lumber usage and can advise on cost effective substitutions. 
Logs Into Lumber
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Our mills strive to produce the highest quality and most efficient use of their logs.

Truck Load of Pine Timbers
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Used for framing, some are treated and used outdoors. Can be remanufactured into dimension, boards, for uses in furniture, siding, toys, framing and pallets.

Center Match and Custom Millwork 
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Log cabin ceilings and walls. Sometimes horse stall walls. Can be treated and used outside as decking.

Landscape Timbers / Peeler Cores
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Landscape Timbers can be both treated or untreated. They are used in several applications such as landscaping, dunnage and crating.

Pallet Components
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We offer either solid (2-way) or notched (4-way) stringers. We offer both softwood and hardwood cut-to-size pallet parts.

4x4 Southern Yellow Pine
Pic 01.jpg

These low-grade timbers are often used for blocking, dunnage & crating. Some are ripped to 1x4 and 2x4 and made into pallet stock.

4x8 Pine Timber Beams
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Timbers varied by species. Many offered in sizes from 3x4 to 24x24 with lengths up to 40 foot and longer.

Treated Southern Yellow Pine Poles
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Available treated and untreated. Other than utility poles, they can be used for pilings, decks, docks and playground equipment.

2x6 Southern Yellow Pine
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Applications include framing, decking, boxing & pallets. Some are ripped and cut for furniture frames, windows and playground equipment.

Treated Southern Yellow Pine
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Various retention levels available. KDAT options available too.

1x4 White Woods
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Uses include framing, doors, furniture, boxing & pallets. Some are ripped and cut for furniture frames, windows, bird houses, mail boxes and grill tables.

2x4's Southern Yellow Pine
Pic 10.jpg

Standard variety SYP 2x4’s used in framing and other applications.

Shipping Container Blocking
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We move blocking and shoring lumber into all North American shipping ports.

Crane Mats
quality_mats_crane_mats (1).jpg

Also known as timber mats, dragline mats or heavy equipment mats, crane mats are used to provide stabilization under the weight of construction equipment or under oil rig cranes.

Southern Yellow Pine Timbers
Pic 13.JPG

Timbers are used in building projects as beams and stringers. They are also treated as used as posts.

Decking Products
ipe decking.jpg

Domestic and Exotic imports are offered.


An engineered lumber product used in many applications. Some include beams and headers, arches or domes.

Blocking and Dunnage

This product is often a low-grade hardwood or softwood item.  It is used as blocking or "spacers" for pipes, poles, rebar or large and heavy items for shipment.

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